Eastern King Snake - (Lampropeltis Getula)

Common Name

Eastern King Snake


Scientific Name

Lampropeltis Getula



A docile snake with smooth scales and a single anal plate.





May attain a length of 6 feet.


Identifying Marks

The shiny black Eastern Kingsnake has a vivid yellow or white chain-like pattern along its back.



Other snakes (including venomous ones), frogs, lizards, and mammals.



Up to 24 white eggs in loose soil.


Myths and Lore


Venom Effects



Pet Potential

Kingsnakes are a staple in the pet trade and often make great pets bear in mind the need for a larger habitat due to its size.


Additional Info

An uncommon species in West Virginia, Eastern Kingsnakes are found only in the valley of the South Branch of the Potomac River

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