Eastern Milk Snake - (Lampropeltis Triangulum)

Common Name

Eastern Milksnake


Scientific Name

Lampropeltis Triangulum



A docile snake with smooth scales and a single anal plate.






Seldom exceeds 40 inches in length.


Identifying Marks

This spotted snake has a row of large brown or reddish-brown blotches on a background of gray along its back and smaller blotches along the sides which alternate with the larger dorsal ones. The belly is white with black checkerboard markings.



Primarily rodents however they have been known to consume a variety of animals including rodents, eggs, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and invertebrates.



Between 3-20 small white eggs deposited in loose soil.


Myths and Lore

The name comes from the erroneous folklore that it enters barns and attaches itself to the udder of a cow and drinks her milk.

Venom Effects


Pet Potential

Milksnakes are a staple in the pet industry due to their coloring, docile nature, and relatively small size.

Additional Info

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