Eastern Worm Snake - (Carphophis Amoenus)

Common Name

Eastern Wormsnake


Scientific Name

Carphophis Amoenus



This docile snake has smooth scales, a small pointed head, and a tail ending in a spinelike tip.



Burrows in the soil, rotting logs, and organic debris.



Seldom exceed 1 foot in length.


Identifying Marks

Very distinct looks almost mirroring an earthworm.



Insects and earthworms.



Between 2-6 small white eggs are deposited under rocks, loose soil, or rotting wood.


Myths and Lore


Venom Effects



Pet Potential

A very interesting snake and given its size and odd looks a neat pet but in captivity, they are problematic and often refuse to eat. I would advise against keeping this guy as a pet if you're a beginner.


Additional Info

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