Northern Ringneck Snake (Diadophis Punctatus Edwardsii)


Photo Courtesy of: Miranda Zirkle

The Northern Ringneck Snake (Diadophis Punctatus Edwardsii) is a very docile and abundant snake in West Virginia found primarily in rotting logs, piles of dead leaves, and under rocks and is a small snake rarely exceeding 20 inches in length. This species is distinctly marked with a bright yellow or orange belly, a glossy bluish-gray or black back, and a bright yellow neckband and has a diet that consists of insects and small animal life. When reproduction occurs up to 10 small white eggs are laid per clutch. This species is reported to be mildly venomous with similar effects to a bee sting including slight swelling, itching, and burning. The Northern Ringneck's docile nature, small size, and bright colors make it of interest to the pet trade.


I've personally had several encounters with this particular snake species as a child and have handled them often over the years. I've never known them to bite and found them to be a very docile species, it's worth pointing out that video of them biting can be located on YouTube and no matter how docile a snake species is all snakes still have the potential to inflict a bite when they feel threatened.

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