Queen Snake - (Regina Septemvittata)

Common Name

Queen Snake


Scientific Name

Regina Septemvittata



This slender aquatic snake has strongly keeled scales and a docile temper.



Found primarily along small rocky creeks and rivers.



May grow to nearly 3 feet in length.


Identifying Marks

A brown, gray, or green in color aquatic snake it has a yellowish stripe along the lower sides of its body and the yellowish belly is marked with four brown longitudinal stripes.



Crayfish and other small aquatic animals.



Females give birth to 5 to 31 live young which are approximately 7-8 inches long.


Myths and Lore


Venom Effects



Pet Potential

Has a picky diet and aquatic habitat making it not suitable for most amateur reptile owners.


Additional Info

This species will primarily inhabit streams that are clean.

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